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Rastafarianism- religious movement that emerged in Jamaica in the early 1930s out of Biblical prophecy, black social and political aspirations and the teachings of the Jamaican-born black publicist and organiser Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Though Garvey's political and cultural vision inspired the movement's founders, who regarded him as a prophet, he never identified himself with the movement. There were about 1,000,000 Rastafarians world-wide in 2000. About five to ten per cent of Jamaicans identify themselves as Rastafarians. Rastafarianism began among working-class black people in Jamaica, and remained for some while an advocate of black supremacy. Widespread advocacy of this doctrine was shortlived, however; most Rastafarians now espouse a belief that racial pettiness needs to be set aside, so that they and the world may seek the further progression of people, not race. Thus Rastafarianism has spread throughout much of the world through immigration. Middle-class people, white people, Asians, and Native Americans comprise minorities within the

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